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Why you should have a Chiropractic evaluation when you feel well?

Question: Why should I come and see a chiropractor if I feel good and have no pain or symptoms?

Answer: Maintenance!! Every physician in the world knows that symptoms come at the very end of the disease process and yes even pain, discomfort, headaches, sciatica, etc are disease processes. They have a starting point that usually is not felt in any way, shape or form. And an end point, the first symptom. The only exception to this rule is traumatic injury which can take perfectly healthy tissue and damage it causing immediate or delayed symptoms.

Question: How long does it take for the symptom to arise after the condition begins?

Answer: It can literally take as little as a day to as long as multiple decades for a little condition to become a major symptomatic problem.

Question: How do I know if this is occuring in my body?

Answer: Unless you have symptoms you will not!! Only a well performed evaluation including x-rays (minimal views are needed) will give your doctor clues as to what is happening within your body.

Can it be fixed if I wait til there is a symptom and how long will it take?

Depending on the problem it possible can or cannot be fully corrected. In most cases the problem can be treated and the symptoms reduced or eliminated. Of course, the treatment plan is more intense and the costs are much greater at that point.

The point of this post is to emphasize the point of MAINTENANCE HEALTH. I want to encourage people to be PROACTIVE about their health rather than REACTIVE to their symptoms.

Some simple examples:

  1. Brushing your teeth. If you do not have a cavity today then why brush your teeth? To prevent developing a cavity.
  2. Annual physical. If you feel fine why go have an annual physical? To catch any possible problems at the earliest stage possible. This is why so much research is done to develop tests that can find problems earlier and earlier. The earlier it is found, the easier it is treated, with the best prognosis.

At the end of the day our health is the most valuable part of our lives. Cherish it and protect it because if you wait until it is too late to have that evaluation you may be sorry.

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