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Worried about money??

Are you in pain but do not have any insurance and are afraid how much the doctor will cost???

I completely understand and hope this bit of information will help. Many people will go to their MD due to pain and in 99% of those cases they will leave his/her office with nothing more than a pain killer, muscle relaxer, or anti-inflammatory prescription. They will be told to come back in two weeks if that does not help. In two weeks they will be told to get an MRI or X-ray and to start physical therapy. The cost for these prescriptions, office visits and tests could be easily over $1000 and unfortunately the patient is still in a lot of pain.


Talk to your friends, family and/or co-worker and find a chiropractor that they recommend. Call the chiropractic office and ask what their fee is for a patient with no insurance. Most chiropractors will be less than $100 for the first visit which will include consultation, exam, x-ray and if warranted a chiropractic adjustment. 90% of the time depending on the problem the patient will be feeling a little if not a lot better when they leave the office after that first visit. The doctor will want to see the patient again and give them a care plan to fully resolve the condition. In my office as in most I can fully relieve a patients pain for less than $350-500 which includes consultation, exam, x-rays and adjustments. I can do this in less than a month in most cases.

What a savings!!! Not only does the patient feel better, but they have avoided dangerous medication and unnecessary tests. They have not missed much work if any and they are truly healthier and at less risk of re-injuring their body.

My name is Daniel S. Gordon and I am a chiropractor in West Bloomfield, MI. Do not misunderstand my blog. I am not against modern medicine in any way, I just want people to know that not only can chiropractic help them get out of pain and fix their condition better than pills but it can save them a lot of time and money.

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