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Sports and Chiropractic

In today’s world children are asked to play sports at a level that has never been seen before in history. Long gone are the days of playing seasonal sports for just fun and exercise. Today children are pushed to excel in whatever sport they or their parents choose for them to play. The season no longer ends at a certain point in the year, instead clinics and travel programs pick up so the kids in many cases literally have no break.

I am not here to judge whether or not this is right or wrong. No, I have written this in order to educate parents about how Chiropractic care can and will help their children not only perform at an optimal level but also help to prevent injury.

Did you know that each year more than 3 million sports related injuries are reported in children under the age of 15. These children are treated in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics across the country. Fortunately, with proper treatment these injuries will not be career ending.

Chiropractic care very simply is all about structure and function. The body MUST have proper structure in order to function at 100%. If a child’s skeletal structure (spine, hips, pelvis, etc.) does not have perfect structure then not only will they not be able to perform to their fullest potential but they will be risking injury as well. I use Michael Phelps as an example. He is arguably the best swimmer in the world, yet he made sure that he was checked and adjusted before each race at the Olympics on the side of the pool to make sure that he would perform at his best. This is just one example. In today’s world at least 95% of all professional and college athletes use chiropractic to make sure that they are able to give 100%.

Injury prevention is maybe even more important of a reason to see a chiropractor. If the biomechanical structure of the body is not correct then the possible of injury rises dramatically. A trained chiropractor will assess for these imbalances and advise on the best way to correct them. However, if an injury has already occurred and the athlete is in pain then chiropractic treatment can get an athlete back to playing much quicker than other forms of care. In many cases without the need for prescription medication that only mask the symptoms of the injury and provides no long term correction. In these cases a subsequent injury can occur quickly to the athlete because the real cause of the problem was never treated.

Other Professionals and Teams who use Chiropractic regularly include: US Olympic Team, Detroit Tigers, Lions and Red Wings, Tiger Woods, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Charles Barkley, and Arnold Schwarzenegger just to name a few.

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