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Golf and Chiropractic

How is your swing? Do you hurt before, during or after playing golf? Chiropractic can help you swing easier, prevent injury, and relieve your back pain period. There are approximately 25 million golfers in America. Over 50% report to have pain or discomfort associated with their golf swing. Most use some type of NSAID (Tylenol, Advil, etc.) as a form of treatment. Others use physical therapy and many use chiropractic. Surveys have shown that those choosing chiropractic care have had the greatest results in reducing their pain and improving their golf swing.

Chiropractic works of the simple philosophy that by removing irritation to the nervous system the brain can better communicate with and heal the body. Even the slightest irritation to a spinal nerve can significantly affect the flow of information, thus causing reduced range of motion, muscle spasm, and possibly pain. The golf swing requires the body to coordinate many different muscle groups at the same time. Lack of this coordination can cause the player to slice, pull, or hit his shot fat. If you hit the ball in any of these ways then ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your feet balanced and comfortable when you address the ball?
  • Do your feet have to flare out in order to turn on the backswing?
  • Have you reduced your backswing due to the inability to comfortably rotate your body?
  • Do you find yourself walking slightly crooked the day after a round of golf? Maybe you couldn’t even get out of bed the next day?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you have some level of nerve irritation in your spine even if you feel great the rest of the time. It is NOT NORMAL to have pain or discomfort every time you play the game you love.

How can chiropractic help you? Chiropractic care helps by achieving proper vertebral alignment which allows the muscles, tendons, ligaments and discs to work in proper motion with each other. This is done through light spinal adjustments, possibly therapy (heat/ice, traction, laser, ultrasound), and incorporating stretches that are specific to the golf swing. 99% of patients that address their spinal issues as they relate to golf find that not only does their golf game improve and become more enjoyable but their overall health improves as well. To this point, Chiropractic can help with many conditions including: headaches, sinus issues, asthma, allergies, ear infections, heartburn, reflux, constipation, sciatica, scoliosis, etc. Ask your chiropractor for more information.

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