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Don't become a Chronic Pain Patient

How do I not let my pain become a chronic condition?

First, lets talk about what NOT to do:

DO NOT treat the SYMPTOMS, treat the CONDITION. When you treat your symptoms with Tylenol, Advil, Motrin and/or prescription medication all you are doing is dulling the sensitivity of the nervous system so you do not feel the pain/discomfort.

During this time you falsely believe that you are getting better and continue to push your body at work and at home. The reality is that during this time of dulled sensitivity people hurt themselves even more because they push their weakened/injured body instead of letting it rest and heal. For example, a patient that may have a weak, bulging/herniated disc in their back could end up with a ruptured disc if they use drugs to dull the pain and then continue with the lifestyle that caused the injury in the first place.

What you should do:

Get evaluated by a chiropractor. Why? Because chiropractors evaluate and look to treat the CONDITION that is causing the symptoms. Chiropractors do not prescribe medication of any kind. By treating the condition that is causing the symptoms the body is able to truly heal and the pain relief the patient feels is real instead of chemically induced. Research shows that those patients that choose chiropractic over modern medicine have a 70% less chance of becoming a chronic patient.

I think everyone would agree that getting well without drugs or surgery is a good thing.

If the chiropractor evaluates the patient and feels that the condition is something he/she cannot treat then they will refer that patient to the physician the he/she feels would be the best fit for the patient.

What do you think, let me know.

Dr. Daniel S. Gordon

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