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Did you know that sick people do not make you sick?

Sickness comes when YOUR immune system is not strong enough to fend off invading bacteria and/or virus. Below is your checklist to stay HEALTHY this cold and flu season!

  1. Maintenance chiropractic adjustments (keeps your immune system strong)
  2. Drink lots of pure water. Water in your coffee or tea is not as beneficial.
  3. Continue to eat fruits and vegetables
  4. Daily vitamins a, c, e, selenium + multi + immune builder (coryza forte/zinc w/vitamin c)
  5. Continue to exercise 3 times per week (preferably outside)
  6. Fresh sunlight. Get outside for walks so the sun can hit your face and
    produce vitamin d.
  7. Fresh air. Get outside for fresh air. Keep home and office window cracked slightly so fresh air will mix with stale recycled furnace air.
  8. Use room humidifier in bedrooms to put more moisture into the air.

Dr. Gordon and Dr. Dorgai know that you can stay healthy this season naturally. By following these guidelines your chances of not being sick are very good!


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