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Chiropractic for Whiplash and Auto Accidents

Winter time in Michigan is beautiful in February, but unfortunately the roads can be quite awful. White-out conditions, slippery roads and black ice all contribute to increased auto accidents in Michigan. Even in the most minor of car accidents many people still experience whiplash and or musculo/skeletal injuries.

Whiplash and/or musculo/skeletal injuries are most commonly received when riding in a car that is struck from behind by another car or when your car strikes an object. Most times occupants suffer more than their car.

Whiplash is called whiplash because your neck continues moving forward, sideways, or backward at a very high speed when your car stops instantly. This can have detrimental effects to your health and can tear or stretch ligaments in your neck and rupture spinal discs. Musculo/skeletal injuries are caused in the same way but affect other areas of the spine and plevis.

Most people walk away from car accidents feeling lucky that they are not hurt or in pain.

These injuries can contribute to headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, pain in the shoulders, arms and hands, reduced ability to turn and bend, and low back problems. What’s worse is that these symptoms are not always immediate. It is usually not until a few days later to up to 1 year later that the symptoms from their accident will appear. Because of this they are harder to correct and will persist longer because they are apart of you. Fortunately chiropractic has an excellent ability to correct these problems even if the accident was a long time ago or the symptoms have been persistent for years.

This is why I urge to stop by Gordon Chiropractic for a free consultation if you’ve recently been in an auto accident. It’s important to catch these symptoms early to get your feeling better fast.

My chiropractic evaluation of your neck and back will allow me to determine how to normalize spinal function, reduce your pain and discomfort and improve your overall health. After a decade of diagnosing and treating auto accidents I can tell you it’s always better to catch and treat the condition before it gets worse.  With or without symptoms, you should always be evaluated within a week of any accident.

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