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Child Athletes and Chiropractic

How do you give your child’s the body the best chance to stay healthy now and long term?

Do your kids play sports 365 days a year? Do you sign them up for every extra clinic, and get them private lessons so they can be “a better player”? Do they play multiple sports at the same time, in many cases on the same day? If you answered yes to all or any of these questions, which I know most of you do, and you want them to continue to be able to play at the level they are at then please read on.

I can and will not continue to sugar coat the reality of these athletic decisions. I love all your kids to much to continue to beat around the bush. A child’s developing body was not created for such physical abuse. The misconception by the majority is to assume that their bodies can absorb all that abuse without injury, this is wrong. Their developing brains, spines and joints do have a breaking point. In many cases that point will be years after high school when the damage inflicted a decade earlier starts to finally create symptoms. For many others it starts as early as grade school with aches and pains or more subtly with visceral complaints of increased headaches, sinus congestion, ear infections, digestive issues, etc. I cannot tell you when or where it will happen but what I can guarantee is that it will happen at some point if you do not do something to counter the abuse of sports.

How do you give your child’s the body the best chance to stay healthy now and long term? Give them the same assets as the professionals! In many cases their bodies are taking more abuse than a professional with the 365 day schedules that every coach and sports team/facility pushes. Every professional/Olympic athlete has access through his team to a chiropractor. 99.9% of professional/Olympic athletes follow an annual chiropractic plan to ensure that their body is functioning at 100% with the least chance of injury.

How can I help? Obviously, if you would like to bring them to me I would be honored to evaluate and set up a proper care plan for them. If my office is not convenient or you would be more comfortable seeing a chiropractor will less of a personal connection (Totally acceptable and understandable) I am happy to refer you to a friend in the area that I trust as much as myself. Most important to me is that you MAKE A CHOICE!!

I am very passionate about this because it is that important. Please call me if you have any questions.

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