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Massage Therapy 

How can massage help?

Through the use of massage therapy, your massage therapist can manually reduce inflammation and swelling that can cause pain. Various forms of massage applications can reduce muscle spasm, lengthen shortened muscles and soften and stretch connective tissue, thus restoring a more normal space around the nerve and relieving the impingement. When massage is combined with other appropriate methods, surgery is seldom needed.

What If I Already Had The Surgery?

Massage is perfectly safe to be performed on the wrist once the incision has healed, depending on the severity; this usually takes about two to four months.

What to Expect on Your First Massage Visit

Come on in… and relax.

Will there be any paperwork?

It is recommended that on your first visit to show up about 10 minutes early to complete the introductory paperwork. The paperwork includes a brief health history and a couple of questions regarding any sore spots you might want worked on.

These questions are focused to better help your massage therapist understand your specific wants and needs. Before you begin your massage, you and your massage therapist will have a one-on-one consultation to design a massage tailored to you. After the consultation, your massage therapist will give you instructions on how to lay on the table and then step out of the room to let you disrobe and get on the table.

Since this is your first massage, your massage therapist will ask questions periodically throughout your massage such as, “How is the pressure?” and “Are you comfortable?” This helps support a line of open communication between you and your massage therapist.

What happens after the massage?

Once the massage is complete, your massage therapist will leave the room and once you are fully clothed, will come back in and ask you a question or two about what you did and didn’t like. This helps to further tailor the massage to your liking.

Commonly asked questions:

Do I have to disrobe fully for my massage?

No. You only have to disrobe to the level that you are comfortable with. Bear in mind that certain massage techniques cannot be performed well or not at all depending on the amount of clothing that is worn.

If I am pregnant, can I still receive massage?

Yes. Massage can be very beneficial to both the mother and the fetus. Massage reduces blood pressure, increases circulation, reduces swelling, and eases the pain of muscles and ligaments that are changing due to the growth of the fetus.

If I am uncomfortable, can I stop the massage?

Yes. Both the massage therapist and the client have the right to stop the massage at any time, for any reason.

If I am sick, can I still receive massage?

The general rule of thumb is if it is a communicable illness like a cold or the flu, then its best not to receive massage until the illness passes. If you have strep throat or any other illness that antibiotics are used for, then its best to wait at least 48 hours after taking the first dose of antibiotic so that you are no longer contagious.

If I am diabetic, can I still get a massage?

Yes. There are a few considerations to think of before you begin your massage. Check your blood sugar before the massage to make sure it is at a safe level. If you have recently given yourself a shot of insulin, let your massage therapist know where, as to avoid the area.

Can my son or daughter receive massage?

Massage is wonderful for a child’s growing body. Any child that is under the age of 18 must have a parents written consent to receive massage. Any child that is under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian accompany the minor in the massage room for the duration of the massage.