Cold Laser Therapy

To reduce inflammation caused by injury or arthritic change in a joint, cold laser therapy is used. The treatment also promotes cell healing within the joint. The non-invasive treatment is ideal for knees, shoulders, TMJ, ankles, wrists and or herniated discs and is cost effective at $20 per treatment or prepay your treatment plan for the $15 per treatment price. An average treatment plan consists of 10-15 treatments. Gordon Chiropractic uses the latest technology – the TQ Solo.

The safe high-power pulsing cold laser has state-of-the-art multi-frequency emitters in a compact rechargeable portable unit. The healing device utilizes three proven radiances to give your body both deep and shallow penetration for maximum healing effect.

The TQ Solo combines three validated technologies into one device:

  • 1. Super Pulsed Laser (905nm) produces a high power level of impulse light at a billionth of a second. It is the high power during each pulse that drives the photons, or light energy, to the target tissue, up to 10 – 13 cm (4 – 5 inches) deep. The TerraQuant’s high peak power of up to 50,000 mW creates a higher photon density, delivering the highest concentration of photons for healing and providing the deepest tissue penetration. Super pulsed laser strongly influences pain reduction, the improvement of microcirculation and increases cell metabolism in the form of ATP production.
  • 2. Pulsed Broad Band Infrared Emitting Diodes (875nm) penetrate shallower tissue depths than the laser but provide an overall broader spectrum, when compared to laser radiation, by gently heating the surface tissue layer.
  • 3. Pulsed Red Light (660nm) penetrates shallower tissue depth and has beneficial anti-inflammatory effects.

Working synergistically, the multiple radiances of the TerraQuant TQ Solo create the optimal biological environment for accelerated healing and pain relief.