Summary of a first visit to the office:

  1. Consultation
  2. Examination
  3. X-ray if warranted and needed
  4. Adjustment – if doctor feels that it is warranted and will help of course (if not refer to another professional)

Each doctor will talk their patient through every step of the first visit so there are no surprises. This also helps the patient feel comfortable with the care and treatment the entire time. Each patient leaves with verbal instructions on how they should expect to feel over the next 24 hours.

They are also set up for a second appointment at which time the doctor will:

  • Go over their information and x-rays with them
  • Explain everything
  • Give a second adjustment
  • And then sit down with the patient to present a care plan to correct and maintain their health.

Nothing will ever be done that the patient is not aware of and consenting to have done.


The main benefit of chiropractic care – real relief from your symptons. Chiropractic does not put anything into your body or cut anything out of you. The doctor simply removes the pressure on the affected nerve so that the brain can communicate and heal the part of the body in question.

The benefits are potentially endless. For example, an irritated nerve that causes you pain in the middle of your back will also have a branch that could be going to your lungs or heart. You may not even realize that by relieving the pressure on that nerve that your heart or lungs could be functioning better as well.

Patients walk in with a two week migraine that leave feeling no pain. Others have come in not being able to stand up straight but walk out feeling fine. It is true healing – no chemical band aid. Drugs only treat symptons and not the true condition.

Proper adjustments treat the condition so the body and brain can heal and remove the symptom. Once the condition heals and the pain subsides a maintenance program will ensure prolonged good health. Brushing your teeth daily and changing the oil in your vehicle every 3,000 miles helps maintain each one and prevents costly breakdowns.

But, with our most valuable asset, our body, we are taught to ignore warning signs, aches, pains, dysfunction until we absolutely are miserable. Then, what do we do? Take drugs to mask the symptoms so the body can redefine its normal in a worse way until the next episode that it cannot hide. Each episode gets closer and closer together and harder and harder to treat when you play this game with your body.